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Japan Public Health Center-based Prospective Study(JPHC Study)

About Research News

Notification about JPHC Research and News Publication

Since the fiscal year 2004, research news has been distributed to the public from the JPHC Cohort Study Administration Office (Epidemiology and Prevention Division, Research Center for Cancer Prevention and Screening, National Cancer Center).

What is the JPHC Study?

What are appropriate prevention methods for lifestyle diseases including cancer? JPHC Study is a large scale research project that started in 1990, targeting 140,000 local residents of Japan, with the objective to obtain more solid scientific evidence. We have completed our baseline survey, 5-year and 10-year follow-up surveys, and are continuing a follow-up survey toward 2012. Furthermore, some research results obtained to date, have already been released. For more information, please visit our homepage (Background/Objective/Study   Study methods)

Results of Multipurpose Cohort Study

Multipurpose cohort study is one of the longest and largest observational studies conducted in Japan. This study, conducted in more reliable ways, is believed to be a reference as part of the scientific basis used to draw conclusions for certain themes. However, as a limitation to an observational study, problems exist where various factors that make results unclear (chance, bias, confounding), cannot be completely excluded. In some cases, results of a multipurpose study may differ from those of other cohort studies, or may change, depending on how the study period or target is selected. Also, even if a certain result is observed, it does not mean that implementing that result will bring about the desired goal. To confirm this result, the study must proceed into the next stage, which is an interventional study. Further, these are reports by a basic medical article, and are not meant to be applied broadly as is. For application, it is necessary to take a further step incorporating factors into our life considering the balance of good and bad aspects of health, according to individual background such as gender, age, life stage, etc., using guidelines created based on the comprehensive evaluation of some of the scientific evidence For more information, please visit the following homepage.

How to Receive Our Research News

We send messages through email to anyone who is interested in our research. Please write “Request for research news” in an email and send to the JPHC Administration Office with your desired email address.

How to Unsubscribe Our Research News

To stop receiving our news, please write “Terminate research news” in an email and send to the JPHC Administration Office from the email address you used to subscribe.

Secondary Use of the Research News and Homepage Contents

If you plan to use the research news or homepage contents by print media, digital media, broadcasting, etc., please contact the JPHC Administration Office prior to use.

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