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Japan Public Health Center-based Prospective Study(JPHC Study)

How to access JPHC data and/or biospecimens

How to access JPHC data and/or biospecimens


Investigators are granted access to JPHC data and/or biospecimens as collaborative study after approval of the JPHC Steering Committee (SC) and the Institutional Review Board (IRB).

Currently only citizens of Japan who fulfill the requirements of conducting research projects are eligible to apply for the JPHC data  and/or biospeciments.

The investigator is required to submit a Project Protocol (Research question, Aim, Background, Design and analytical plan) for review by the JPHC SC.

Requests can be made by contacting the JPHC SC directly ( or investigators in JPHC (see the “Contact us” section).

After approval is obtained from the JPHC SC, the investigator is required to obtain additional approval for the protocol under which the data and/or biospecimens are to be used from the Institutional Review Board of the National Cancer Center.

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